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Exportaciones Textiles desde Colombia | D-Log

What are the main textile products that Colombia exports?

Colombia stands out in the international market for the quality and diversity of its textile products. The main export products in the garment sector include:

Jeans: Colombia is the leading exporter of jeans in South America and the third in Latin America.

Women's Underwear: These represent 53% of total garment exports.

T-shirts: Another significant product within the sector's exports.

Textiles such as woven yarns, fibers, and other raw materials: These constitute approximately 30% of textile exports.

Leather products and footwear: These occupy around 17% of Colombia's textile and garment industry exports.

The main export destinations are the United States (30%), Ecuador (15%), Mexico (9%), Venezuela (7%), and Peru (6%).


What other Colombian textile products have export potential?

In addition to products that are already being exported, there are several others with great potential to increase exports:

Shapewear: Represents a significant part of Colombian garment exports.

Swimwear: Identified by Proexport as products with good export opportunities.

Hosiery: Colombia has the capacity to produce a variety of hosiery products.

Uniforms: Also identified as products with export potential.

Leather goods: These continue to be an important component of exports.

To increase exports, the sector must focus on improving productivity, efficiency in resource use, and offering products with higher added value.


How has the garment sector in Colombia evolved in recent years?

The garment sector in Colombia has faced significant challenges in recent years. Between January and November 2023, exports fell by more than 10%. Factors such as international competition and fluctuations in global demand have influenced this trend. However, the sector continues to show resilience and adaptability by exploring new market opportunities and improving the quality of its products.


Exportaciones Textiles desde Colombia  | D-Log

What strategies can Colombian textile companies follow to improve their exports?

To improve their exports, Colombian textile companies can consider the following strategies:

Product innovation: Develop products with innovative designs and advanced technology.

Market diversification: Seek new markets and reduce dependence on a few export destinations.

Production efficiency: Implement more efficient and sustainable processes.

International marketing and promotion: Strengthen marketing strategies to increase visibility in international markets.

Strategic alliances: Form alliances with other companies and organizations to improve competitiveness and access new business opportunities.


What is the future of Colombian textile exports?

The future of Colombian textile exports depends on several factors, including the sector's ability to innovate and adapt to global trends. Despite the challenges, there is significant potential in products such as shapewear, swimwear, and leather goods. Additionally, the creativity and skilled labor of the Colombian textile sector are competitive advantages that can be exploited to offer high-quality, value-added products in the international market.


Although the textile and garment sector in Colombia faces challenges, it also has numerous opportunities to grow and strengthen its presence in the global market. At D-Log, we are committed to supporting companies on their path to international success.

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